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"Eternity of Wildlife" 

Direction & CG: Myself            

3D Garment design: @xiaolingjinofficial

In the universe are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy are billions of planets, but there is only one earth. And human activity, the global environment and climate change have left more of the planet's wildlife in limbo.
The whole collection features four different animals and calls on consumers and brands to take action to improve the environment and protect animals by reducing water and energy consumption, waste, pollution and its disastrous effects on ecosystems and animals. To categorise fashion as sustainable, it is important to consider people, animals and nature, whose well-being is closely linked.



"A road runs through forests that were once ours, homes are being divided, we have lost family and friends, and we have lost our populations. Although you love us and have travelled thousands of miles to see us, you also hope that our original lives will not be interrupted."

The pandas now live in the spotlight, well-clothed and well-cared for, but they deserve a large habitat of their own, not surrounded by humans. The costume references the panda's ears as well as the shape of their eyes, and the sparse material of their fur shows the negative impact they have been subjected to.

If pandas are so cute, let's make them a little happier.



"We have been abused as children in training shows, we have had our tusks cut off, we have been rounded up and killed. We want to be able to live in harmony with people, we are gentle, but that doesn't mean we don't get angry. So, please be kind to us."

Increasingly, elephants' habitats are becoming fragmented, with around 20,000 African elephants poached each year. This collection shows the dichotomy between elephant and human through the contrast between the African wilderness and man-made weapons, combined with the fragmented existence of elephant herds. The colours and forms of the costumes are inspired by the elephant's ears.

Elephants have been friends of humans for a long time and we hope that this friendship will last.



"Human activity is warming the climate, icebergs are melting and we are homeless. They are overfishing and we are having trouble finding food and eating. We want our homes back to the old joy of food and shelter."

e-ternity has incorporated elements of melting glaciers, rising sea levels and blaming humans to show the mechanics of the penguin's fur through the material of the costume, portraying the penguin's tail form on the hem of the costume and using reflective materials to simulate an oceanic effect.

The penguins themselves are not the only ones who are losing their habitat and food source. If we don't stop ourselves in time, we will join them.



"Every day, two of our companions are poached to death. They cut down our trees and rob us of our homes. They crave unwarranted wealth and status, and so we are hunted headlong by poachers."

e-ternity hopes to use the contrast between the ghastly white skeleton and the flourishing flowers as a warning to the world and to express our protest against poaching through the bent horn form of the costume and the ruffled texture of the fur.

We may not be able to participate directly in the conservation of rhinos, but education and spreading awareness will also give them a more complete home.

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