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S . S . Pillow has a unique selling point as
it is suitable for people that wear spectacles.
There are many people who tend to lie down 
on bed or sofa with their spectacles on to watch 
television programmes or use handheld devices etc.


This is a problem that i have been facing for a long time and being someone who enjoys life, 
I have a lazy personality. During my break time, I always want to make use of it to the fullest potential by resting really well. However, things cannot be done in comfortable, convenient and easy way if I were to be lying down, thus, majority of the time is spent sitting up or standing up. 
It has come to my attention that when lying down on my side to use electronic devices, 
it has become uncomfortable and a hassle to me as I am wearing spectacles. When lying on our side, the spectacles will tend to hurt our noses as it gets pushed aside.

Therefore, for this project, I am finding a solution for people who wears spectacles
 to be able to enjoy their break time to the fullest. 

Size – cm: 5.5   x 8   x 19
Size – Inches: 2.16   x 3.14   x 7.4 
Circumference opening for the spectacles – cm : 4
Circumference opening for the spectacles – Inches : 1.57

Fabric: spandex
Filling: sponge 

Researches has been done to study more in depth about 
the human head structure so that the product can 
produce better support for comfort and health. 
Calculations are also done to make sure that there are ample 
cushions for ones’ comfort in using the product. 
   The spacings on the pillow is not only for spectacles 
but also to allow air ventilation circulation.  

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