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Mosquito Coil Slipper

Let the world hear your footsteps

I always return home to see a mountain of shoes piled up and that really made me want to own a special area to keep these shoes. However, it is not possible to store them without damaging them by piling it up. Hence, there is no way I can keep them without spoiling it. 
Whenever this happens, I think about those slippers that does not require much care but consumes plenty of space. How these slip­per an actually give me more storage spaces for my shoes so that I can prevent my shoes from damaging. Eventually, it led me to thinking about the mosquito coils we use back at home during summer time. 
When I was a child, I think that the shape and the joint of the mos­quito coil is very interesting. By taking the shape and joint of the mosquito coil, I will be able to change the structure and principle of it then applying it to my design to make storage of slippers more convenient. 

It was based on the twisting motion technique to become a slipper or a flat surface. Let you bring a pair of coil slippers anywhere without taki􀀂n􀀃g up much space at all They're light weight, thin and easy to put together. 
Good for the beach, hotels, long flights (they're going to make you take the off anywhere) or just around the house. 

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