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海洋,不仅是占地球表面积最大的区域,更是孕育生命的地方。据记载,最早的生命证据来自于原始海洋。同样,诞生于数字海洋世界代号为∞+的INFNI+ ,透过海洋梦境的联结,来到人类的世界。作为本期VOGUE+六月刊的客座编辑,INFNI+将带着“净化”的使命,带领我们以崭新的视角去了解和珍视一切生命的发源地 —— 我们的海洋。

Our ocean: the origins of all life, the majority of our Earth's surface, and the meta-birthplace of our June Issue Guest Editor, INFNI+ (codename ∞+). With this week's World Oceans Day as a kick-off point, the #VOGUE➕INFNI➕ guest edit takes a deep dive into the extraordinary lungs of our planet through the lens of China's leading creatives pioneering the virtual world. INFNI+ stokes heated discussions on the role we, as individuals, play in ocean conservation. The first step, as always, is understanding what we stand to lose.


虚拟服装制作 Virtual Fashion by Myself

创意支持 Powered by @theoutputofficial
造型 Styled by Sid Yahao Sun @sonnenscheinhrz
CGI制作 CGI Design by Cattin Tsai @cattin_tsai


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